How to find us


From m. Chkalovskaya or m. Kurskaya:

After exiting the glass doors, turn right, exit the subway, and turn right again. There will be 2 roads: one closer to the trains, the second - a little further. Choose any, but if you go closer to the train, the path will be slightly shorter. We descend down the street to the road and then turn left. You will see a small bridge, you have to go under it. After the bridge we move all the time right up to the intersection with the street, which runs perpendicularly. Then turn right and go straight. In front of you you will see the entrance to the courtyard and a bright yellow building with the words Artplay. We dive into the courtyard and go along a narrow alley, then turn right and go along the building with a large number 3. You will need to go to the very end of the building and go into the 1st glass door. We rise to the elevator to the 5th floor. You will need to call.

By car:

The school can also be reached by car and parked next to the School building.

Drive along the embankment of the river Yauza towards the center. On Syromyatnicheskaya embankment, turn right onto Lower Syromyatnicheskaya street with one-way traffic. The entrance to the Artplay territory is located on the left side of the street (barriers are installed).